TE-SYSTEMS goes into extra time – SUS for XCAPI on World Cup extra conditions

The Football World Cup is over and some are still yearning for the good matches, the amazing goals and the athletic performances. 

TE-SYSTEMS wants to sweeten you the farewell from four weeks of football fun and has a special consolation for you: extra time on special conditions!

Go ahead and extend the XCAPI Software Update Service (SUS) on particularly favourable conditions – stay “on the ball” in future! It is worth to extend the SUS now, because in addition to these special conditions you will be able to use the latest version of XCAPI 3.5., which will offer you impressive new features and tools.

Your  advantage of the SUS:

You will remain on the cutting edge of technology – constantly meeting the requirements of the IT market. Here you can benefit from all the new functions and features and at the same time you enjoy the security of an even faster support. 

You can order SUS from our XCAPI Product Partner or from our sales staff at sales(-at-)te-systems.de. Please mention your LOD key and the required period for prolongation.

Please note: After this promotion period our usual conditions apply. If 30 days since the expiration of the last service term have passed, SUS can be purchased for a new period of one or two years. The price for a one-year service upgrade is 50% of the purchase price. The price for the second year is 15%.

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