The XCAPI configuration tool offers an overview of the configured controllers, of the used licences and of the current trace status. Wizards simplify the installation of licences and the configuration of controllers to link in with your infrastructure. 

The XCAPI configuration tool contains a large number of predefined settings for most of the telecommunication systems on the market. This saves installation and configuration time. Details can subsequently be changed at any time in the expert view.

Controller-specific settings for all fax-related topics, including the support of V.34, have been implemented in the XCAPI configuration.

The setting of the desired fax protocol is clearly summarized on one side in the expert view and you need to make settings for them only at this point.

It is possible to select whether XCAPI fax messages are transmitted via T.38 signaling or via G.711. Details can be changed anytime.


Controller Wizard

The XCAPI controller wizard is used when setting up new controllers. A user friendly interface guides you through the complete menu step by step. The choice is between different templates for a large number of tested SIP providers, as well as H.323 and SIP gateways. You only have to input the information which you have received from your provider or system administrator. By using the wizard, it is ensured that you use the optimal XCAPI Settings for your individual VoIP environment.

Test Tool

The XCAPI Test Tool is provided automatically on every XCAPI installation. This allows you to check the compatibility of your provider or your telephone system without having to install a full application.

Diagnostics Monitor

Should problems occur while working with XCAPI, there can be different reasons for that: The great diversity of configuration options that XCAPI offers in ISDN and VoIP environments can make for a rather complex setup, which means that debugging can be quite involved.

Therefore, XCAPI incorporates the Diagnostics Monitor which detects any malfunction during normal operation and signals it to the user. In addition to the error message itself, insights into the technical background as well as proposals to solve the problem are displayed.

Trace Analyzer

If necessary, the trace analyzer can be used. It records calls chronologically and reports the time and direction of the call as well as the telephone or fax numbers involved. Moreover, an overview is provided which will be available to your organisation for subsequent problem analysis. In addition, individual data like fax or voice messages can be extracted with the Traceanalyzer.


XFaxTune is a tool for fine tuning your fax settings. With a user friendly interface you can set optimizations with the assistance of our support team.

Line Monitor

The new XCAPI Line Monitor gives you a quick overview of the installation and configuration, as well as a record of all calls with detailed history of all calls, so that you can detect and carry out system improvements on your own. In addition, with these records, our technical sup-port can react faster and more efficiently to customer requests. 

Following the complete installation, the XCAPI Line Monitor starts automatically logging calls and changes to the system. The size of the log files is limited to 10 MB. This is to prevent unnecessary use of disk space, especially for systems with a longer runtime. Changes can be made within the Configuration-Dialog.