XCAPI – A Safe Solution

For voice and fax communication, XCAPI supports TLS and SRTP thwarting any attempts to “hack” the transmission.

Securing VoIP communications in WLANs, corporate networks or in public hotspots is a frequently increasing topic of discussion. And with reason, because security is the top priority, especially when protecting your sensitive data!


Signalling and Media Flows


TLS – Signalling Encryption

Establishing, controlling and terminating internet calls according to the SIP specification can be encrypted, and therefore secured, via TLS. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and is a protocol which is in turn based on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) version 3.0. It implements a secure – in other words authentic and confidential – channel on the transport layer. The signalling data is transmitted together with an SRTP key for the encrypted voice data.



SRTP – Media Encryption

The SRTP protocol, designed for real-time communication, stands for security of voice data transmissions. By encrypting the data with symmetrical encryption to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), eavesdropping is effectively prevented.