Do you have technical questions about the use of our software?

… or do you need help on certain topics? We are of course happy to help you!





In 2010 we included the “Support tip” section in our newsletter, where we deal briefly and clearly with the most frequently asked support questions and provide tips and information on specific topics.

Perhaps your concern has already been part of a support tip? You can see which topics you can access at any time in our community under “Support Tips” in the notification area on the right.


In our community in the download area – and therefore available around the clock – you will find further technical documentation such as B. Connection instructions and version notes and of course much more that will provide you with helpful information when using our software.

To access the documentation, please log in to our TE-SYSTEMS community with your existing user data.


Please write to all technical inquiries to support(-at-) . Please describe your request or the problem in your email in detail. If there is a problem in connection with the XCAPI, add an XCAPI trace of the situation.

Support-Hotline + 1 781 850-4118

Here your questions will be answered directly by the TE-SYSTEMS support team. Simply interrupt our “telephone voice” and ask for the >> technology


If necessary, we can also provide direct remote support. To do this, simply run the following file from Request remote support and give our support staff the session ID.


Since many customers prefer quick and thorough training in the functions and possibilities of our products, TE-SYSTEMS offers specially tailored training courses. In the specially created training room in the company building, beginners and advanced learners will find numerous tips that will benefit their projects.