Flexible Fax Support

With XCAPI, fax applications can be used in almost every Voice-over-IP environment, irrespective of the capabilities of the infrastructure. Scalability and interoperability form the perfect combination to integrate your fax server seamlessly into the world of IP communication.

Fax fallback from T.38 to G.711 (fax pass through)

XCAPI supports fax transmission via T.38 both in H.323 and in SIP. If your VoIP infrastructure does not support T.38, the fax fallback will switch automatically to G.711 (fax pass through). As a result, you can send faxes even in situations where it is not possible to use T.38.

Maximum Compatibility

From the various options in the XCAPI configuration through to the advanced configurations in XFaxTune, the performance of the XCAPI can be specifically adjusted for the remote stations, which guarantees maximum compatibility.

Transmission Speeds

Of course, XCAPI supports the regular transmission speeds of 2,400 bps to 14,400 bps. And each of these combinations work with T.38 and G.711 (fax pass through). With V.34 Standard in T.38 Protocol, you will get a major gain of speed in fax transmission. The transmission time can be more than halved and consequently your connection costs will be reduced.

Compression and Error Correction

The current methods of data compression after T.4 and T.6 are also supported by XCAPI. This shortens the transmission time and in consequence your connection costs are reduced. Parts of the fax data that are not received in full can be requested again through the Error Correction Mode (ECM), ensuring reliable transmission of all data.

User Specific Settings

In addition to conventional fax transmission and reception, XCAPI also supports fax on demand. Here the fax recipient can choose the documents they want faxed to them.