High Availability

A high degree of availability is essential for communication. Particularly in the area of VoIP, virtualization offers more flexibility, redundancy and increased security while reducing costs at the same time.



It takes a software solution such as XCAPI to realise virtualization in the area of VoIP. And the advantages over hardware solutions based on an ISDN card become particularly evident when you are trying to save on both, resources and costs, in your Operation:

  • Only one actual server hardware to run several virtual machines
  • Straightforward and fast restoration of the working environment after hardware failures by simply reverting to the latest backup of thevirtual machines
  • Since XCAPI is a pure software solution, Hardware defects and the associated replacement costs and waiting times are avoided
  • The hardware environment can be configured quickly and flexibly: when changing to different virtualization hardware, the virtual machine can simply be migrated
  • XCAPI offers absolute flexibility regarding the number of channels since the licenses can be upgraded as required in increments of two
  • Fast adjustment of the number of channels with XCAPI through online requests for the license file, which is then simply imported

XCAPI in Virtual Cluster Solution


High Availability Cluster (HA Cluster)

If you need to guarantee high availability (e.g. 24/7 operation) and wish to ensure this via a HA cluster, the XCAPI cost model offers a significant savings potential compared to traditional hardware ISDN solutions, in particular where larger numbers of channels are involved.