New Product Partner: HOCTOPLUS

New Product Partner: HOCTOPLUS

The french company HOCTOPLUS based near Paris is a leading provider of customized technologies, solutions and services in the area of fax and Unified Communications. Founded in 1993 HOCTOPLUS offers worldwide software solutions specifically tailored to the company’s needs. It is always the objective to achieve the standardization of various means of communication in order to succeed significant savings to the customer. In the future XCAPI as a middle software will support the product line FaxStar of HOCTOPLUS. With the help of FaxStar companies get an ideal solution for all matters to the issue of fax.

With HOCTOPLUS the number of our XCAPI Product Partner continues to grow. The compatibility of the XCAPI to FaxStar means a high potential for additional VoIP-enabled PBXs and SIP providers from different manufacturers. This is to ensure that the interaction between the XCAPI and further software and hardware components remains of the highest quality. 

Teamwork and information exchange are our important requirements to offer the best solutions worldwide for VoIP and to fulfill all customers demands – now also in cooperation with the company HOCTOPLUS.

For more information about HOCTOPLUS and its products visit the company website

We are looking forward to a successful and trusting partnership.