Take Advantage of the Latest Version of XCAPI

Take Advantage of the Latest Version of XCAPI

Don’t miss out on the latest features and performance improvements included in the current XCAPI release! You can do this by ensuring your XCAPI software is always up to date. We invite you to check our community regularly for the latest version of XCAPI, then download that version so you can take advantage of all of the great new features.

Great, useful information about the current releases can be found in the release notes, also available in the download area.

Installing a new XCAPI version can be done at any time, at your convenience. However, only the XCAPI versions that have a release date within the service life of the XCAPI license can be used. Up to 30 days after expiration, the Software Upgrade Service may be extended for a period of one year, or several years, at a discounted price.

If the Software Upgrade Service is due to expire or has expired, simply contact our sales department at sales@te-systems.de. They will gladly send you a quote for you to renew the Software Upgrade Service.

So please, check out Downloads: More releases are already waiting in the wings, just about ready for launch! You’ll be very pleased with what we have in store for you!